Jason Braddock - Photographer

It’s all about fun and photos!

The thrill of life has been coded into my DNA and I am addicted. Maybe I haven’t taken part of an epic Red Bull event, or jumped off a cliff in a wing suit, but I am deeply attracted to all things new. I went repelling and it was a blast, but then they told me I could be rigged up to have the rope go over my shoulder and walk face first down the cliff – that was amazing. Like most guys I like beer, but then I discovered craft beer and a whole new world opened up to me. Now I seldom drink the same beer twice. Art is great – modern, installation art is fantastic. Seeing art through the eyes of my kids – life changing.

But it is not about chasing the latest and greatest thing. It is about connecting with people and learning about the things they love. Having new friendships bonded by fantastic adventures. If I am addicted to the thrill of life then people are my drug. The right people can make going a theatrical production called¬†Titanic – the Musical¬†fun (Never heard of it? there is a reason for that.) My wife is one of those people, with a look or a single word dreadful becomes delightful. She is the one who showed me that the thrill of life is everywhere you just have to know how to find it. And now, with our five kids, I couldn’t hide from the adventure in life if I wanted to.

Life is to short to work, I insist on having fun instead! I love to create, and the more fun you are having the easier it is to create something amazing. So join me in the adventure. Let’s get to know each other, maybe we can find a couple of wing suits. I’ll bring the camera…