Senior Portrait Tip #1 – Shop around

Style should be the number one thing that you are looking at when choosing a photographer for Senior portraits. Let’s face it, Senior pictures are not cheap, so you need to make sure that your investment will be worth it. A treasured picture will last a lifetime and that is what makes the investment worth it. I have been married close to 17 years and I still have my wife’s Senior portrait in my wallet! The most important thing is that you will like the look of the pictures that you end up with.

There are as many styles as there are photographers out there, and to make matters worse you may not know what style you like. I suggest that you start a pinterest board and go on a pinning rampage! And don’t worry about pinning “Senior Pictures”, just pin pictures that you like. This will do two things for you, first you will stat to develop your sense of what a good picture is to you, second you will have a bunch of pictures that you can look back on to see if there are common things that you are attracted to in a picture.  You might notice that you tend to like urban pictures that are bright and bold –  and surprise you like a more natural expression instead of all smiles all the time.

My style goes against the current bright and airy trend. My Senior pictures are bold and vibrant with rich, dark blacks and visible detail in the bright areas. This produces an overall engaging, dramatic look. I shoot pictures on location in both urban areas and in nature and get a range of natural expressions and smiles. You can see a sample of my Senior Portraits here and you can see pictures from a full shoot upon request (more on this in a future post). And while I hope you fall in love with my style of Senior portraits it is more important to me that you find a style that you love.

To get you started on the path to getting picture that you will love forever I have included links to some of the most popular photography studios that do Senior pictures here in the Denver metro area:

Monty Nuss Photography, one of the most popular photographers for Senior portrait has a Bright, airy, soft available light look.

Seniors at 5280, who also do a lot of Senior pictures in the Denver metro area, have a more trendy Instagram look with filters and color grading.

Picture It Studios located in Aurora does studio and location shoots, they have a more traditional style with familiar poses.

Element One Studio, I like to think of them as a bright version of my bold style, they shoot in a high style that is bright, crisp and creative.

Best of luck on finding a style that suits you, and enjoy the process because photos are about creating memories and memories are fun!